Korean Saeng Cake (Fruity Sponge Cake)

A few weeks ago, I got to visit my last host family in the Netherlands. My boyfriend, Floyd, and I were tasked with bringing dessert. I absolutely love baking, and when I have the time, I prefer to bake desserts myself. I was really craving Korean Saeng Cake, which is a light sponge cake topped with fruit that many Koreans eat on birthdays. Saeng (생) cake is really whipped cream cake, so this is kind of an alternate version because it’s not made with whipped cream frosting, and Saengil (생일) means birthday, so it’s a fun play on words. Floyd and I had made Saeng Cake once before, but we’d used a different recipe that we couldn’t track down this time.

This time, Floyd and I modified a recipe we found on the blog, Michelle Makes More (link to the recipe!). However, we substituted the cream of tartar with corn starch and the orange with lemon! I think lemon makes the cake lighter and more exciting. This cake is soft, airy, and not too sweet. Everyone loved it!

This cake usually has 3 components: sponge cake, fruit, and an absolutely delicious whipped cream frosting. However, I replaced the frosting with a Swiss Buttercream Frosting (which turned out a liiittle chunky because the butter was still too hard) because I didn’t have time to run to the store for heavy whipping cream!

After we finished the cake, we had to drive 45 minutes to my host family’s house. Surprisingly, it was really not that hard to keep it balanced on my lap. The cake was really yummy and we went home with fully tummies and the satisfaction that comes with baking something delicious.

We ate the entire cake between the 4 of us!

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