3 Ways to Feel at Home in a New City

Moving is a big change, and getting accustomed to a new city can be super daunting. The streets could look different, or the buildings. There could be more cars, louder horns, or bikers everywhere. It can be tempting to stay in the sanctuary of your new home, only venturing out for work and to get groceries, especially if you suffer from anxiety. But that’s exactly what you should not do! Here are 3 ways to feel at home when you first move to a new city.

Explore all those out of the way alleys that tourists don’t get to see!
  1. Go for a walk

It’s good to explore the city. I’ve found my favorite cafes, small parks, and cozy spots while walking around without the help of a map! Walking around without a set destination can help you feel more comfortable in your new city (although I recommend keeping your phone with you so you can get back home).

For example, you could join a board game club!

2. Join a club

When you move somewhere completely new, where you have minimal contacts, you should try to get out of the house and expand your social life. Living someplace where you don’t have any friends is really lonely, so it’s best to find a group of like-minded people to socialize with and make some strong connections. I suggest looking at your local Meetup.com groups or browsing the reddit page for your city. You could even join local online groups via Facebook or Instagram!

Make your home a cozy place that reflects

3. Make your house a sanctuary

Even if you’ll only going to live in the new city for a year or even just a semester, make your living space something you are proud to show off and where you want to be. Sometimes it might seem like too much work to spend a day or two putting your house together only to take it down a few months later, but coming home to a space you don’t absolutely love can get really tiring. You want to feel comfortable and cozy in your home so you can associate that comfort with your new city!

Ultimately, when you move, whether it’s a big cross-country move or just to another part of your state, it can be a disorienting and overwhelming experience. Making connections and forming relationships in your new city is the best way to start feeling at ease in your new home!

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My name is Alexia. I'm a travel, cafe, food, and self care lover based in Ghent, Belgium. I write about how to have a cozy life, including cozy video games and cafes!

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