Cafe: RetroFlakes 199x

Inside the Cafe

During my lecture-free week between semesters, I travelled to Mallorca with a friend. It was definitely an interesting experience: my first trip with just me and a friend. There’s a lot to do in Mallorca, which is an island off the coast of Spain. It’s known for partying and, for some reason, being a common tourist destination for Germans (if anyone knows why, leave a comment!). This lovely island is much more than Palma, and I spent most of my time taking in nature in small villages rather than the biggest city.

However, even though I absolutely adored the small towns, hiking, and gorgeous scenery of the Mallorcan countryside, cafes will always be close to my heart. In a small corner of Palma rests the cafe, RetroFlakes199x. It’s a relatively small, very cute cafe that sells bowls of retro cereals with colorful milk.

This cafe definitely scores pretty high on my list of favorite cafes. I’m not one who visits cafes for coffee, because I don’t drink coffee; I love cafes that give me a good vibe, where I could sit there and enjoy its environment. Retroflakes 199x gave me a really true to itself retro feeling. The cereals were nostalgic, some of them I hadn’t even seen since I was a single-digit age, and the colorful milk was a super cute touch. It also helped that it was really affordable, even for a broke college kid like me.

Overall, I’d go back to this cafe every week if I lived in Palma. If not for the cozy nostalgic feeling, then for Lucky Charms and cotton candy flavored Fruity Pebbles.

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