Affordable Sushi in Brussels: Makisu Restaurant Review

Pre-lockdown sushi

It’s hard to find affordable sushi, and even harder when you’re student on a budget in a big metropolitan city in Europe. So, you can imagine my delight when I discovered a budget-friendly sushi option with 4 restaurants in Brussels! There is one in the city center, one in Cimitiere D’Ixelles, which is a trendy student neighborhood by VUB and ULB campuses, and 2 nearby Flagey, which makes it pretty easy to get to one of them when you’re desperately in need of sushi.

But Makisu isn’t only sushi; They offer sides like miso soup and edamame as well as donburi bowls, including their salmon avocado bowl and their chicken katsu bowl. My favorite part about Makisu though, is that they allow you to design your own roll or bowl, so you can put whatever you want into your meal! While this option is slightly more expensive, it’s the best when you really need a California style sushi roll with mango and unagi sauce.

The best part is that, after a short period of closure at the start of the lockdown in Belgium, Makisu has reopened for takeout and corona-safe dining. You can order online for any of their locations, and they usually get your order ready pretty quickly! This is definitely my favorite restaurant in Brussels so far.

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